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DIY PlexiCraft Kits by Ari Stone Art are laser cut plexiglass pieces that are assembled like stained glass.

In the DIY PlexiCraft course you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully craft a beautiful Ari Stone Art PlexiCraft kit. You'll learn what stained glass tools to use and how to assemble any PlexiCraft kits to look like "Stunning Stained Glass WITHOUT the Glass", along with learning techniques needed for PlexiCrafting vs stained glass crafting. You'll learn what stained glass flux you can safely use on plexiglass, how to foil and solder like stained glass, how to paint soldered projects with stained glass effects paint and acrylic gel paints, and how to safely clean and polish plexiglass.

There is no cutting or grinding needed for any DIY PlexiCraft kit, saving you time and money; as every plexiglass piece is laser cut to perfection and ready to assemble.

The Online DIY PlexiCraft course takes craft students from start to finish on this brand new crafting form and technique invented, tested, and developed by artist Ari Stone since 2018, whereby Ari has won an award for her PlexiCraft art, that was thought to be stained glass. These award winning techniques are taught in the DIY PlexiCraft Course.

All courses are fully subtitled.

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- Ari Stone